Our Car

The Car:

Our car is the result of many hours of development, using both computer simulation and physical testing in Coventry University’s wind tunnel.

The nose section is made from FDM printed ABS plastic, which allows us to achieve the dimensional accuracy required on this critical section of the car

The body main body is manufactured from official F1 in Schools foam. This is much easier to machine than the balsa wood we used to use and allows us to achieve much tighter tolerances

The rear aerofoils are aluminium, manufactured using wire EDM, and have a thickness of 400 microns

Our Wheels:

Our wheels are the our main focus point of our car going from small hollow run of the mill PEEK wheels then last years ESD machined aircraft aluminum blanks which were under one cram to now our new and technologically evolved wheels. 

Our Axles:

For our car we use a single axle for each wheel, this allows us to not have the axles spinning at the same time as the wheels and so decreasing friction in the wheels.