Our Team

Eddie Hodierne

Team Manager

As team manager, my main role was to check that everything was happening to plan, including those things that we had forgotten to plan(!) In addition to this I also had responsibility for my own deliverables, particularly testing

Elias Khimasia

Design Engineer

I was in overall charge of car design, although I was helped in several key areas by my colleagues. I worked closely with Coventry University and became very skilled with CFD! I also developed the titanium wheels, which are both light (<1g) and strong.

Callum Kennedy

Marketing Manager

I was responsible for Marketing, a role which was much more demanding than I had expected! With help from Warwick University, I produced the marketing plan but then involved my colleagues to help put it all into practice.

Abi Hirons

Graphics Designer

Developing Academy Racing’s team image was my primary responsibility, We wanted Academy Racing to have a distinct image that reflected our core vales, and this impacted most of the work areas. I was also responsible for the Pit Display, although the final design was very much a collaborative effort.